Figari – Sud Corse Airport Transfers

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Figari – Sud Corse Airport Transfers

Once you have landed at Figari – Sud Corse Airport (FSC), or Figari South Corsica Airport as it is also called, you find yourself in the inland of the southern part of the French island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea.

As always is the case after landing at an airport a transfer is needed to get from the airport to the final destination and on this page you will find some information about the different options available for transfer from, and to, Figari Airport.

We have focused mainly on the town of Porto-Vecchio that is located on the east coast, approximately 22 km/13.7 mi northeast of the airport, and also on the town of Bonifacio located on the southern tip of the island, southeast of the airport and only slightly closer in distance than Porto-Vecchio.

The transfer options that can be found at the airport are rental cars, taxis, airport shuttles, hotel shuttles, and private shuttles. We also mention travel options such as trains and ferries on the island as a whole, although not directly connected with the airport, or even the southern part of Corsica.

The most common way of transportation on Corsica is by far by car so car rental is a popular, and sometimes necessary, option on the island as there are few options for public transportation available.

Transfers at Figari Airport

Rental Cars – Renting a car while visiting Corsica can be a wise choice. Several car rental companies are offering their services at Figari Airport. Make sure to book your desired vehicle beforehand to make sure there is one available and ready for you upon your arrival. See all rental car companies at Figari – Sud Corse Airport.

Airport Shuttle Buses – An airport shuttle bus runs between the airport and Porto-Vecchio bus station that is located just north of the yacht harbor. The timetable changes monthly depending and departures will be fewer during low season than during high season, but there will still only be a few departures each day, and during low season it can be as few as one turn daily. They operate daily and go in both directions. The fare is based on zones and will cost 4€ for a single journey per person. Further information about buses to and from Figari – Sud Corse Airport.

There is no airport shuttle serving Bonifacio at the time being, but it is possible to transfer at the bus station in Porto-Vecchio to the Bonifacio route. However, there is no guarantee that the time of arrival from the airport will fit with the departure time from the bus station to Bonifacio.

Taxis – Taxi cabs can be found outside the airport terminal’s arrivals area. Taxis can be pre-booked but it is not necessary. The fare to Porto-Vecchio will cost around 65€ and take around 30 minutes. The fare to Bonifacio will cost approximately 60€ and take around 25 minutes. More information about taxis at Figari – Sud Corse Airport.

Hotel Shuttles – Guests at some hotels in Figari might have the option to use the hotel’s airport shuttle service when transferring from and to the accommodation. Airport shuttles are transfers organized by some of the hotels in the area and they are hotel specific. Some accommodations offer them complimentary, others have an added charge for the service.

Private Shuttles – It is possible to use one of the several transfer companies’ services when transferring from or to the airport. These are private companies and transfers are requested and booked by the traveler or their representative directly through the company.

Trains on Corsica

The southern part of Corsica does not have a railroad network so it is not possible to travel by train to or from any of the locations here. The closest train station is located in Ajaccio on the west coast, approximately between 2 and 3 hours away by car. While it might be easier to simply travel to the northern parts of the island by car rather than by train there is an element of novelty by taking a train ride on Corsica because of the stunning views it offers. Views that are of course available by car as well, but a bumpy train ride while simply enjoying the surrounding plains, mountains and Sea views is an experience said to be somewhat unique. Additional information about train services near Figari – Sud Corse Airport.

Ferries on Corsica

Corsica does not offer any inter-island ferry connections, meaning that it is not possible to travel by ferry from one location on the island to another island destination. It is however possible to travel to destinations in other locations from several of the island’s ports. These destinations include Marseille, Nice, and Toulon on the French mainland, several destinations on the Italian mainland, as well as the Italian islands of Elba and Sardinia. Not all destinations are available for all the ports and the routes and schedules will vary and change from month to month. Further details about ferries and ferry services to and from various ports in and around Southern Corsica in France.